• The "Green History" Of The Georgian-German Dialogue. Ideas And Individuals

The Book “Green History of the Georgian-German Dialog: Ideas and Individuals” tells about the history/herstory of  research into nature, the development of the natural sciences and the creation of national parks and recreational spaces in Georgia. You will get acquainted with Georgian and German scientists, women who have contributed to the creation, dissemination and application of t natural knowledge and education.

The book is accompanied by a collection of information cards that will introduce to the reader the activities and thoughts of nature explorers and friends of nature in Georgia.

This book was prepared and published with the support of the Integrated Biodiversity Management in the South Caucasus (IBIS) project of the German Corportation for International Cooperation (GIZ).  (Project author: Professor Lela Gaprindashvili).

© Women’s Initiative for Equality (WIE) 


Lela Gaprindashvili

Women’s Space and Women’s Culture

Levan Bregadze

Georgian Nature through European Eyes 

Tsisana Goderdzishvili and Liana Osishvili

Tbilisi’s Botanical Garden and the Germans who Worked There

Nona Kupreishvili

The Culture of Gardening and its Practitioners in Georgia during the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries 

Melano Gogoladze

The Achievements of the Georgian Educator Ilia Alkhazishvili in the Study of Georgian Nature and the Spread of Natural Education in Georgia

Nino Satkoeva

The Green Policies of Local of Self-Government in Tbilisi between 1875 and 1917

პროდუქტის დეტალები
გამომცემლობა Women's Initiative for Equality (WIE)
ავტორი Lela Gaprindashvili
მთარგმნელი Joseph Alexander Smith
დიზაინერი Giorgi arabuli
გამოშვების წელი 2021
გვერდების რაოდენობა 156
ფორმატი 28X15
ISBN 978-9941-8-3583-4

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The "Green History" Of The Georgian-German Dialogue. Ideas And Individuals

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